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Loop Q PRIZE student AI/ML competition - prize 5000 euro

Lunedì 14 Marzo 2022 11:13

The 3rd Edition of Loop Q PRIZE student AI/ML competition is open for registrations.  

We would like to invite students to register https://www.loopqprize.ai, they will have time until April 25th.
The Loop Q PRIZE is an annual university competition dedicated to the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing. This year, we will have a new Competition Challenge that aims at resolving a globally significant problem.

The 3rd Edition 2022, is open to African and European university students. The Winner's Prize is 5000 euro. The previous winners come from Italy and Finland.

If your are interested in joining the competition, the registration form along with all further information is on our website: https://www.loopqprize.ai

Autore: Costantino GRANA - Ultima modifica: Lunedì 14 Marzo 2022 11:20